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IGCSE Test Dates 2022

For students taking IGCSE in Singapore

  • The test dates displayed are based on Administrative Zone 5, Singapore
  • Syllabus/Component displayed are limited to the subjects offered by Prep Zone Academy
  • The test dates are subject to changes, you are advised to check the Final Exam Timetable

Cambridge International

First Language English5 May, 9 May
English as a Second Language5 May, 9 May
Literature in English11 May, 19 May
Cambridge International Mathematics (Core / Extended)26 April, 28 April, 17 May
Mathematics (Core / Extended)6 May, 9 May
Additional Mathematics24 May, 1 June
Chemistry (Core / Extended)4 May
Chemistry (Practical / Alternative to Practical)91 May
Chemistry (Multiple Choice – Core / Extended)7 June
Biology (Core/Extended)11 May
Biology (Practical / Alternative to Practical)10 May
Biology (Multiple Choice – Core / Extended)10 June
Physics (Core / Extended)18 May
Physics (Practical / Alternative to Practical)12 May
Physics (Multiple Choice – Core / Extended)8 June
Economics27 May
Economics (Multiple Choice)19 June
Computer Science 13 May, 17 May
Business Studies20 May, 25 May

Pearson Edexcel

English Language A18 May, 10 June
English as a Second
16 May, 6 June
English Literature25 May, 8 June
Mathematics A20 May, 7 June
Mathematics B20 May, 7 June
Further Pure Mathematics26 May, 17 June
Chemistry27 May, 20 June
Biology17 May, 15 June
Physics9 June, 23 June
Economics24 May, 17 June
Computer Science 20 May, 6-8 June
Business19 May, 13 June