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IGCSE English Subject Guide

IGCSE English Subject Guide

IGCSE English syllabus places an emphasis on language skills. Students are encouraged to employ appropriate vocabulary, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as display a sense of style and audience awareness in their use of language.

Through reading, students will develop the ability to comprehend and organise meanings, summarise, paraphrase, and comprehend how authors attain certain effects.

Through writing, students will learn to articulate their own experiences; express thoughts, feelings, and imagined ideas clearly; organise and present facts, ideas, and opinions; understand and use vocabulary and register appropriate to the audience and context; and use correct grammar, paragraphs, sentences, punctuation, and spelling.

All English Topics

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Key Reading Skills
Key Technical Skills
Key Writing Skills
Summary Questions
Comprehension and Writer’s Effects Questions
Extended Response and Directed Writing Questions
Composition Questions
Written Coursework Option
Speaking and Listening (Optional)