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IGCSE Biology Subject Guide

IGCSE Biology Subject Guide

IGCSE Biology enables students to have a thorough understanding of the biological environment within which they live and to develop an educated passion for science and the study of living things.

The course’s main objective is to provide students with a firm foundation in biology’s core ideas and also pique their interest in the discipline. Additionally, this course attempts to create in young learners a sense of objectivity, honesty, curiosity, initiative, and creativity.

The IGCSE Biology curriculum covers foundational ideas and concepts, some contemporary biological applications, and a heavy focus on practical abilities

All Biology Topics

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Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms
Organization of the Organism
Movement In and Out of Cells
Biological Molecules
Plant Nutrition
Human Nutrition
Transport in Plants
Transport in Animals
Diseases and Immunity
Respiration and Gas Exchange in Humans
Excretion in Humans
Coordination and Response
Variation and Selection
Organisms and their environment
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Human Influences on Ecosystems