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Cambridge International & Pearson Edexcel

IGCSE Exam Preparation for Private Candidate

Designed for Private Candidates, Exam Retakers, and Homeschoolers

IGCSE Exam Preparation for Private Candidate

The IGCSE is usually a 2-year program done in International Schools at age 14-16. At Prep Zone Academy, students who enrol as private candidates have the opportunity to attend intensive preparation and sit for the exam in less than 1 year.

Studying as a private candidate for international qualifications in Singapore is uncommon. Given that your child will not be receiving academic support from a school, it is advisable to find the best tutors to guide them through their learning journey.

Prep Zone Academy has the best IGCSE teachers to help you succeed as a Private Candidate. Whether you’re just getting started or need specific help with difficult IGCSE topics, we will suggest the best IGCSE preparation arrangement for your current academic performance and schedule!

One-to-one lessons – undivided attention from dedicated trainers
Personalised schedule & study plan to fit your academic performance and needs
Exam-focused preparation
Flexible schedule – lessons available online (via Zoom) and onsite at our Campus (Scotts Road)
Practice resources provided
(*Past year papers and worksheets provided, textbooks not included)

Program Overview

Prep Zone Academy prides itself on its commitment to quality and follows the following 7 steps to ensure your child is in the right place for their IGCSE preparation:

Personalised study plan

Based on the student's current performance level

Identify student's strengths & weaknesses

Trainer will create a focused teaching plan based on concepts that need strengthening

Rigorous reinforcement of weak topics

Using actual IGCSE practice questions from past papers to create question familiarity, accuracy & time efficiency

Coach students on test strategies

To further improve their scores by reinforcing the IGCSE scoring rubric

Receive regular feedback emails & progress reports from trainers

Parents will be kept in the loop too

Comprehensive reports

Detailing topics covered, areas of improvement, identifying & targeting knowledge gaps

Dedicated IGCSE subject specialists, program managers, & operations executive

You will get the support you need to schedule in classes, deal with ongoing subject requirements from school, and have expert guidance on any questions you might have

Regular Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend at least one (1) 1.5-hour session per subject every week. This policy is implemented to instil academic discipline and avoid any last minute preparation.

We notice that students who do not do so end up attending many sessions prior to their test/exam in order to cover the required syllabus, which leads to an unnecessary level of stress and poor performance.

Not only does regular attendance overcome these issues, the respective trainers are able to track the students’ progress and quickly detect any gaps/weaknesses. This allows the trainers to come up with a personalised approach to best support the students.

Subjects Offered

English Language / English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Literature

Mathematics / Cambridge International Mathematics

Additional Mathematics

Business Studies





Computer Science

Register For IGCSE Exam Preparation for Private Candidate

To register your interest for the IGCSE Exam Preparation for Private Candidate, fill in the following form and our consultants will get in touch to provide more information.

Unsure if our program, is right for you? Sign-up for an IGCSE trial lesson here – no commitment required!

For any urgent inquiries, call us at +65 6812 9999 or email us at [email protected].


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